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Sign Standoffs

SignStandoffs is your number one source for displaying wayfinding and directional signs, office labels, ads, informational posters and directories.Different styles are designed to easily accommodate different needs or styles of signage. Sandwich caps are an ideal solution to signs already mounted by standard screws. A simple addition of these caps will increase the appeal of any signage. Through-grip style standoffs firmly attach to the wall while still allowing users to easily change signage. Simply untwist the cap, swap out the sign and then reattach. The base will remain affixed to the wall. Worried about tampering? Locking sign fixtures require a small Allen wrench to unfasten and change signage. Sometimes you may want to avoid drilling holes through signage and labels so you can mount them. That's where edge grip style holders come in to play. Sit the edges of the sign directly in the channel to display them properly. Sign rails with channels are a similar solution, the major difference being the sign only attaches at the bottom versus all four corners. Displays are also available as a sign and standoff kit for customers looking for the complete package.

Features and Materials

Different materials and features offer different benefits. Aluminum constructed standoffs are the most affordable option and are available in different colors to match different decor and interior decorating styles. For customers searching for high-end standoffs, steel caps are the ideal choice. Stainless steel standoffs are available in multiple colors, including chrome, and have a clean, polished look. LED standoff display options are also available to attract customers or visitors attention.

Cable Display Systems

Hanging cable displays are ideal for advertising in window storefronts. These poster grids can be mounted from ceiling to floor or wall to wall. Different size posters and configurations are available. 8.5 x 11 frames conveniently hold posters and graphics compatible with standard size printers, making it easy to keep signage and ads updated. Larger sizes are also available for merchandisers looking to make more of a visual impact. 11 x 17 cable mounting grids are large enough to draw attention without being a distraction. 22 x 28 grids are a great choice for merchandisers looking to fill an entire window. Sign hardware can also be purchased individually to expand on current setups or use in conjunction with already existing sign frames.

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