Product Spotlights

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  • Satin silver standoffs transform signs into knockout visual statements
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    Standoffs with satin silver plated finish offer a softer, more subtle look when compared with polished metal.

  • Mirror-like polished gold plated finishes on standoffs add extra allure to sign projects
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    For those who like gold, our high-quality electroplated finish is polished to a mirror-like shine.

  • Wall mounted sign panel with stainless steel standoffs
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    Stainless steel standoffs display their trademark "X" effect as seen on the circular-brushed caps.

  • Machined aluminum standoffs come with polished finishes
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    Our aluminum line features expertly machined standoffs with a nod towards more affordability.

  • Shiny plated chrome is a show-stopper for sign installations
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    When a bolder presentation is needed, choose chrome-plated standoffs for greater visual impact.

  • Edge grip standoffs do not require holes drilled through your sign panels or artwork
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    Edge grip standoffs support your sign at the edges which makes for a faster installation: no holes in the sign panel.

  • Decorative screw covers in stainless steel enhance any sign panel installation
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    Our decorative screw covers are made of metal, not plastic, and come in many sizes and styles.

  • Standoffs with three monochromatic shades: satin silver, titanium gray, and black
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    Looking for more finishes? Monochromatic shades come in satin silver, titanium gray, and black.

  • Perpendicular flag signs come with the sign holder and mounts
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    Flag signs mount perpendicularly to the wall, so people can read them both coming and going.

  • These large diameter standoffs are designed to support loads up to 30 lbs each
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    When a really BIG standoff is required, try our 1-1/4" diameter mounts, each over 1 lb. of solid metal!

  • Shown are single and double-slotted edge grip standoffs
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    Two types of edge grip standoffs: the single slot for mounting one sign and the double slot for directories.

  • Popular poster holders with side-mounted standoffs enable fast changes
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    These sign holders mount with standoffs yet allow easy access for sign and poster changes.

  • These standoffs feature a 4-way adaptor inside
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    This 4-way standoff supports sign panels at the corners, therefore requiring no holes through your signs.

  • Sign panels are supported at the corners
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    Top view. The insert holds the panels in place, a good choice for creating wall arrays & matrices.

  • Large format sign holder with (8) standoffs
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    Acrylic wall sign holder with six standoffs for three 8-1/2" x 11" inserts or one 26" x 11" poster.

  • Flag sign mounts display double-sided signage in hallways
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    These satin silver sign mounts affix your double-sided sign for hallway viewing in both directions.

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