Sandwich Caps For Many Sign and Design Projects

Sandwich Caps
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Sandwich Caps
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These decorative accessories fasten sign panels together

Just what exactly are sandwich caps? These small decorative panel connectors are often sadly overlooked as a stylistic architectural design element for sign mount system setups. Decorative metal sandwich caps, also known as display fasteners, are essentially an attractive way to connect two separate panels of almost any material. They can not mount a sign on a wall, nor can they support a display. These small round metal discs, sandwich caps fasten to each other using a threaded rod. When the rod is passed through two panels, each end threads into one of the discs, thereby creating a solid fixture from the two elements. Basically, then, sandwich caps are small decorative fasteners that can be used as an accent to a sign mount system to bring a modern style element to any visual display.

What are some sample uses for decorative sandwich caps?

Signage and visual display are not only often decisively important to maintaining the branding of a business or company, but they also represent an often significant expense item. Logo design, signage creation, system selection, mounting and installation can all add up in a budget. On top of all that, small details are often key elements of how clients and customers literally view a business. Designers have long understood how important it is to have every visual element, from color choices to materials to location, work in concert to create a unified vision. Elements as small as decorative sign display panel fasteners can be overlooked as inconsequential by some people, but can actually have significant visual impact on customers in many ways. They can take a cheap or inexpensive wall sign and turn it into an expensive-looking display mount, or allow a uniquely colored logo sign to better match with other displays on a lobby wall. The possibilities are as limitless as the imagination.

These inexpensive screw caps add just the right amount of decoration to any sign install

What are some things to consider when using architectural accent sign panel connectors?

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