Decorative Knobs Sold in Bulk are Convenient Display Accents

chrome knobs
3/4" Chrome
Set of 200
knob hardware
3/4" Satin Silver
Set of 200
decorative knobs
1" Satin Silver
Set of 100
decorative hardware
1-1/4" SatinSlvr
Set of 100

ornamental decorative knobs for retail, commercial and residential use

Where can you find decorative knobs for retail, commercial, and residential use? Other than right here, of course! Basically, ornamental decorative knobs, also known as metal accent pulls, can be found in almost any location, because they are so versatile. These small accessories can function equally well as alternatives to sandwich caps on a display sign, as replacement fasteners on faceplates, even as decoration on a wall shelving system. These inexpensive accent elements, decorative knobs have long been used by interior designers, architects, and craft-makers because they are small, inexpensive and instantly change the look of a piece. Traditional sign standoffs create a three-dimensional effect for wall signs; when used on a wall display or with a sign support system as fasteners, these small metal rounds maintain the style of a standoff but mount a panel flush to the surface. Inexpensive accent pieces such as these metal embellishments, decorative knobs can be added to create a unified style among disparate pieces such as furniture, sign frames, shelving, and much more.

What are some common places decorative knobs are installed? What are some of the features of ornamental knob capes ?

Unified visual display is a key element to creating a unified look in business, commercial, institutional and personal environments. Restaurants and hotels depend on their ambience to attract and retain customers and clientele. Retail stores are in many cases selling their "brand image" as well as their wares. Organizations understand that how customers and consumers view them impacts business, traffic and market share. From home environments looking for a creative "pick me up" for older furniture or creative ways to accent existing décor to modern businesses looking to create a coordinated "look", ornamental threaded knobs are a superior decoration option. Similar to sandwich caps or standoffs, these inexpensive accessories can be used to replace or sometimes enhance existing sign mount fasteners for a stylish improvement.

ornamental decorative knobs with chrome finish add modern look

Decorative fasteners such as these interior signage accessory caps available as a set of 100 or a set of 200 in three attractive deco finishes are only one selection from our massive inventory of sign mount systems and choices. SignStandoffs stocks sign accessories and hardware knobs in all areas to ensure that we have the widest possible variety available for same day shipment (when ordered before 1pm EST). From wall support display signs to angled sign mounts to fasteners for wall and other cable system panel installations to accessories and accents like wall signs, sandwich caps, standoffs, knob mounts, screw covers and satin silver finish ornamental caps, also offers our customers everything necessary to mount, display and support visual displays and constructions. We offer the widest possible variety of merchandise in many styles and finishes to meet the needs of business, commercial, institutional and home or residential use clients. Need deco fasteners for same day shipment? Order now because we can do it! By maintaining such a large inventory in stock at all times (not just for best sellers) we can fill all orders quickly and efficiently . In fact, many orders ship the same day as ordered (when ordered before 1pm EST). Our comprehensive online shopping portal offers ideas and solutions as well as merchandise by category (best sellers, closeout, edge grip standoffs, deco knobs, sign hardware, decorative hardware, cable assemblies, sign standoffs, screw covers, sign kits, etc). For questions and concerns about merchandise, orders, shipping, or general information our knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff can be reached during business hours via phone or live web chat, and by email for after-hours assistance. Visit us online at for the best prices, fastest shipping, and largest selection of signage supplies available!