Acrylic Signs with Standoffs | Print DIY Office Signage Affordably!

Acrylic Signs with Standoffs - A Complete DIY Solution for Business Owners

acrylic sign with standoffs

Does your business need acrylic signs with standoffs to display company signage, logos, or office directories? These sign mounting kits greet visitors and patrons when they enter your establishment. The clear acrylic signs with standoffs offer a total sign-making solution for those looking to design their own signage. We include faceplates manufactured with green-edge acrylic plastic. This gives the very real appearance of plate glass, but without the added cost. The acrylic signs with standoffs, also called wall sign mounting kits, come with printable film in clear and frosted styles. The choice is up to you. Downloadable templates in PhotoShop, Illustrator, and Word are all available on the website. Design your DIY signage with a template, then print the film on laser printers or photocopiers.

How do these wall sign mounting kits fasten to doors & walls?
  • These acrylic signs come with either two, three, or four standoffs for installing.
  • Level the acrylic plate on the wall and mark the hole locations.
  • Remove the caps from the standoffs and drill holes for the screws.
  • Install the standoff barrels to your wall, then place the plates with your print film onto the barrel and secure in place with the caps.

The process of inserting the image into the acrylic displays with standoffs is also very convenient regardless of the style. If the sign needs to be changed or replaced, the task can be accomplished without removing the standoffs from the wall. Simply unscrew the caps and replace the print film with a new one. The completed result is a sharp-looking DIY office sign priced around $20! We can't stress enough the awesome value of these do-it-yourself signs. Comparable plate glass iterations are commonly priced in the $80-$100 range. Apiece.

wall sign mounting kit What types of businesses commonly use these customizable signs?
  • Office buildings typically use the signs to demarcate rooms and spaces, such as the location of head executives, conference rooms or board rooms.
  • Hospitals that need to help patients and their loved ones find their way around the crowded halls will attach the message frames to walls or doors. During traumatic times, the extra help makes a big difference.
  • Hotels can adorn hallways with this message system to show guests the proper exit strategies in case of emergency situations. Important tools such as fire extinguishers and other supplies can be clearly demarcated on the posters.
  • Schools often use a sign holder for showcasing holders with room numbers. Educational facilities may also use the plastic panels and hardware next to artwork or other items in the lobby. The frame is ideal for letting people know who created the piece or what the artifact is.

Where does this interior signage best work within a building? The holders can be used like office directories to display a layout of the facility to get visitors where the need to go. This signage can also be used near the door to indicate room numbers or the nameplate of the business. The clear plastic panels present advertising campaigns to clients as they enter a store or walk into specific areas of the commercial location. Hotels or convention centers can place signage above the entrances to large conference rooms or gathering spaces so that attendees know they are walking into the correct meeting space. Museums can place frames next to exhibits to offer important information like where and when the items were found and by whom.