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Standoffs are easy-to-use mounting fasteners for decorative signage.

April 14th, 2014

Does your company have a special plaque that should be hung prominently, but no one knows how to do it? Sign standoffs are one option to display your acrylic signage. Of course, there are more custom mounting options available. Sign standoffs made of stainless steel are used by many businesses to showoff many different kinds of signs. Cable display systems and custom wall supports are other options available for mounting plaques. Aluminum fixings, sign standoffs are easy to install and very affordable. Most of the hardware does require holes to be pre-drilled in signs and come in many finishes and sizes. Edge grip sign mounts are a popular choice because they eliminate the need for predrilled holes and fix to the signage tightly. Sign standoffs are popular stainless steel hardware for office signs. They can be seen in retail stores, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and many other commercial establishments. There are even custom mounting options that allow for businesses to print their own graphics on paper that is provided to them. Aluminum supports are the ideal to display your award so that it gets noticed by customers. Clients will patronize a business that cares enough to neatly and cleanly hang important documents and signage.

How easy are sign stand offs to mount?
  • The acrylic display supports are very easy to use and install. First, your business will need to order whatever mounting system suits your needs best.
  • When your company receives the order, it will include all of the hanging hardware necessary to mount your display. All that is needed is a screw driver or gun.
  • Depending on what hanging option your business has chosen, your sign panel may need to have pre-drilled holes. Simply screw in your stand offs through the pre-drilled holes, if necessary, and tighten them around your signage.
  • Itís that easy. Your signage now looks like it was hung by a professional. The hardest decision your company makes is what size and finish to choose!
Curved Office Wall Signs

Augmenting our product lines with more quality sign hardware are these new printable door or wall signs. As part of our DSIGN series, these do-it-yourself selections all come with printable film for creating your own signs. We offer more two-tone styles featuring clear/black acrylic plates, as well as the curved model shown at right. Save yourself both time and lots of money by making signs for your business instead of paying top dollar to someone else!

There are many available options for displaying all types of signage. The above hardware is available in finishes such as stainless steel, titanium, black matte, and gold, just to name a few. There are also a vast number of diameters and lengths to choose from as well. There are smaller fixings for less obtrusive signs and there are larger supports for more noticeable banners. As noted above there is an edge grip option with this hardware for companies that do not want to drill holes in their important or expensive announcements. This special mount will attach to the wall, but while tightly affixed to the edge of a plaque and not through it. This technique is just as strong and durable as through supports. There are inexpensive aluminum options and all order come with four mounting units. There are even tamperproof models that use an Allen wrench to tighten the screws and not just fingers. These styles are a bit more unique in shape and finish, allowing for square and triangular mounts and even a venetian brass finish.

Cable displays may be more to your companyís liking. This mounting hardware is highly customizable. There are floor to ceiling units, wall to wall displays, individual hanging mounts, and illuminated options. Each style of mount comes with cables, acrylic panels (some types allow up to 16) for artwork, panel grippers, and cable mounts. The artwork frames are available in different sizes and can be setup in portrait or landscape format. These panels make it easy to access your images for changing and some have special easy to open frames for quick changes. There are even holders that have peel back frames, allowing businesses to easily and quickly change their own images by using paper instead of a professional printer. This option is also a bit of a cost saver as well. These wire displays are popular in many retail spaces such as in the windows of clothing stores, hotel lobbies, restaurant entryways, and electronic stores. If your company is looking for a way to hang multiple awards or images and mounting each of them to the wall is not an option because of the unsightly holes the screws will leave behind, cable displays may be the way to go for your commercial establishment.

What types of custom mounting options and displays are available in our catalog?
  • There are sign mounts in various widths for acrylic signage.
  • There are rounded and cylindrical clamps for mounting announcements to walls or ceilings.
  • Plastic mounts that become invisible behind an award are available
  • There are also many types of display supports where paper to be used between two acrylic sheets, some of which are easy open
  • Additionally, there are many types of plaque hangers that allow companies to customize their own graphics for use in the holders.
  • We even provide curved directory signs. These really make a statement.
Standoffs come in many metallic colors and finishes to better suit the overall design and presentation.

We offer many types of customs mounts for many kinds of signage. As listed above, there are brackets made from aluminum that act as a base on a wall to hold an award. The brackets range in size from 2 to 8 inches wide. There are uniquely shaped mounts that jut out from the ceiling or wall to hold an exit beacon or restroom notification. There are plastic mounts that include double sided tape to hold the display that disappear because the mount behind the signage. These are great when your business wants a frameless mounting option. Our company offers curved signage in many different finishes and styles to suit whatever your company needs. There are front loading and side loading options. Some types come in black or silver finish. All have an interesting appearance and many mount in landscape or portrait format. There are options that allow for companies to print their own graphics and eliminate the dependence on a printer. These styles come in many sizes and shapes, some with mounting hardware and others without. The sign hardware houses the graphic between two sheets of acrylic and then the entire unit is mounted. Some of these holders allow for easy access and easy open options for businesses that may need to change signage a bit more frequently. is the best place to buy all of your display mounting needs. We offer many kinds of best sellers such as plated and aluminum styles, sandwich caps, cable display systems, and cable accessories, just as a sampling. We have friendly customer service representatives standing by to take your order over the phone. Remember that your order can also be placed over the computer or by fax. We offer same day shipping on most of our products if your company buys before 1pm EST. We are located in Rhode Island and we have three quick-ship warehouses that have thousand of products in stock and ready for delivery. We offer a live chat option on our site from Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm where all of your questions can be answered by talking to a real person. Check out the Contact Us option at the top or bottom of the page for a listing of our phone numbers, fax number, email address, and our physical address. For more information check out our white papers, located at left in the yellow sidebar. Browse all of the many categories for your mounting hardware needs. Order today! We look forward to your purchase.